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A Venture Capital Attorney Can Guide Your Company Toward Growth

Primate At Arkin.Law, our attorneys serve as trusted advisors to emerging companies seeking venture capital to fund their growth. We assist businesses across all industries with formation and growth strategies, counseling owners on financing opportunities. We will assess your company’s financing needs and advise you regarding potential sources of capital. Arkin.Law’s offices are located in Atlanta and we advise clients in all states and countries.

Venture Capital Law

Younger startups that don’t have the same funding resources as large, established companies (public stock markets and banks), may find that venture capital is the most viable way for them to raise funds for growth. These are some of the essential questions we help businesses answer: 


  • How do I decide if and when to raise funds?
  • What sources of funding are right for my company? 
  • How can I identify and attract the right investors? 
  • How does each financing option align with my business plan?  


Our extensive and diverse experience allows us to provide solutions that position our clients for growth and success.

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If you have a new startup in need of funding, contact Arkin.Law and get dedicated, dependable advice from our experienced venture capital attorneys.


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When forming a new business, one of the most important decisions is selecting a legal structure or “entity type” for your company.


Mergers and acquisitions are major business transactions that require a lot of thought to structure so that everyone’s goals are met.

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Whether you are an individual or an organization, you have rights and interests to protect when entering a contract.


Businesses who utilize third parties for distribution face a wide range of challenges in pursuit of their business goals.

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