Business Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are major business transactions that require a lot of thought to structure so that everyone’s goals are met. The lawyers at Arkin.Law in Atlanta, GA provide legal counsel and representation to buyers and sellers of both public and private companies. Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with merger and acquisition law, helping clients develop effective strategies to maximize value and achieve their goal in the transaction. We will assess your unique needs and long-term business goals to help you structure, negotiate, and close the deal for your merger or acquisition.

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In an acquisition, one business entity buys and takes over another business entity. Legally, the company that was purchased ceases to exist and the buyer absorbs it. Some acquisitions are friendly and some are “hostile”, meaning the company does not want to be bought.   

In a merger, two companies join together and proceed as a single entity. Both companies’ stocks are surrendered and new stocks are issued to replace them. This occurs when two similarly-sized companies see advantages in joining forces to improve efficiencies and capabilities or increase sales.

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