Business Litigation

Business Litigation Attorney in Marietta, GA and the Surrounding Areas

Troubles with regulation, personal liability, civil litigation, and criminalization of civil wrongs significantly raise the overall cost of doing business. A business involved in a dispute can protect itself by partnering with an experienced business litigation attorney at Arkin.Law. Our business litigation lawyers can counsel and advise you throughout every stage of your business’ life cycle from establishment to expansion to exit. We can also represent your business aggressively in litigation. Our attorneys have decades of experience assisting business owners and their companies in Marietta, GA and the surrounding areas.

Creative and Effective Resolutions to a Wide Variety of Business Disputes

We prosecute, defend, and resolve claims involving breach of contract, fraud, sales of businesses, interference with contract or prospective economic advantage, breach of fiduciary duty, disputes between and among business owners and partners, employment relationships, and other matters. Our firm is able to represent businesses, employees, and consumers in litigation.

Consult With a Business Litigation Lawyer and Protect Your Company’s Financial Interests Today

If you are involved in a business-related dispute and needs legal counsel and representation, contact Arkin.Law and start with a free consultation today. We will assess your unique situation and advise you on how to proceed. If litigation is necessary, we will represent you aggressively in court.