Probate Litigation

An Experienced Probate Lawyer Can Help You Resolve Disputes and Represent You in Litigation

Being named the executor or administrator of an estate is a large responsibility that requires work and involves risk. It’s your job to manage the decedent’s unresolved debts and taxes and to ensure that their assets are disbursed to the proper beneficiaries. To make this process simpler and safer, contact Arkin.Law and work with an experienced probate lawyer. A probate attorney can guide and represent you throughout the process, assisting in all of the tasks. They can also represent you in litigation over disputes that may arise during the probate process. Our attorneys represent clients in the Atlanta, GA area in a wide range of probate-related disputes and lawsuits.

How Can a probate attorney assist you?

  • Advising and representing you throughout the probate process
  • Helping to negotiate to resolve any disputes that may arise between heirs, trustees, and other involved parties during the process
  • Representing you aggressively in probate-related litigation

Probate Law Firm in Atlanta, GA and the Surrounding Areas

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