Business Reorganization and Bankruptcy

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Large businesses and corporations that can’t pay their outstanding debts have the option to file for bankruptcy. At Arkin.Law, our experienced business lawyers advise and represent companies in bankruptcy cases. Our corporate bankruptcy attorneys have decades of experience helping businesses with innovative solutions. We will listen to your unique needs and offer personalized guidance throughout the process. Our firm assists businesses in the Atlanta, GA area.

Helping You Navigate the Complexities of Corporate Bankruptcy Law

Businesses have two bankruptcy options: Chapter 7 (liquidation) or Chapter 11 (reorganization)

  • In a Chapter 7 case, the company is liquidated and no longer exists. It’s assets are sold and the remaining value is distributed to the business’ creditors.  
  • In a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case, the debtor is allowed to propose a reorganization plan that satisfies creditors so that the company can continue operations.  

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