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A trust is a legal arrangement that is used to hold assets and distribute them to beneficiaries. Trusts are managed by trustees who are appointed by the person who places assets into the trust. Disputes often arise between beneficiaries, trustees, and other parties who have financial interest in the estate. Our trust litigation attorneys advise and represent clients in lawsuits over trust and estate-related disputes. Arkin.Law serves clients in Marietta, GA and the surrounding areas.  

A Trust Attorney Can Help You Resolve Disputes Between Beneficiaries, Trustees, and Other Involved Parties

The trust litigation attorneys at Arkin.Law represent: 


  • High net worth individuals and their families/beneficiaries 
  • Executors and administrators 
  • Banks, trust companies, and other corporate trustees 

These are a few examples of trust-related disputes that we have experience litigating: 


  • Trust Validity Claims
  • Trust Contests 
  • Capacity, Undue Influence, and Elder Abuse Claims 
  • Fraudulent Transfers 
  • Beneficiary Disputes 
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims
  • + More 

We Resolve Our Clients’ Trust Disputes Efficiently and Effectively

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Arkin.Law is law firm near Marietta, GA where you can partner with an experienced estate planning attorney.


Wills and trusts are estate planning documents that help people specify how they want their assets distributed after they die.


Being named the executor or administrator of an estate is a large responsibility that requires work and involves risk.

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